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John Helenek

When our kids look back years from now, they will see a town that has grown and transformed, but that still has its roots in family and business life. We want to leave our kids a town that is beautiful and well-maintained.John Helenek

Candidate for Wilton Highway Superintendent

About the Candidate

When John looks back and sees the incredible transformation Wilton has undergone in his 28 years on the Highway Department, he recognizes that changes to the town will be even greater in the years ahead.

“A combination of aging infrastructure and the increase in population and impact to local roads means that there are issues that need to be proactively addressed to ensure the safety of Wilton residents,” he says.

His approach would be to meet with the citizens of Wilton, talk to them about their needs and concerns and to try and solve problems before they occur. Prior to the Highway Department, where he worked in multiple positions, John worked in local businesses and learned how to work with and enjoy Wilton’s public. John is a former member of Greenfield’s Maple Avenue Fire Department and a current member of Wilton Fire Department.

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