Waterford Democratic Committee

Welcome to the Town of Waterford, NY Democratic Committee

We are dedicated to reviving the Democratic Party in Waterford, New York and supporting our community by providing candidate choices for local office.

1 week ago
Paul Tonko for Congress

Continue to pay attention to National, State and Local issues. Paul Tonko, our Congressional Rep. is so good at keeping us informed.

Do you have one of the pre-existing conditions below? Bad news. The GOP is working to kill the systems of care that ensure your protection. We can’t let that happen. #ProtectOurCare

1 week ago

Do you consider your Social Security an Entitlement?

1 week ago

What do YOU think? Simple AGREE or DISAGREE? Explain, PLEASE, if you wish.

1 month ago

We are still here. We want to know what issues both Local and National are important to you. Leave a comment.

2 months ago

Go Girls and the men who love them... VOTE BLUE!

2 months ago

VOTE for the Party that understands the difference in Taxes, Healthcare and supports the little guys, too!

2 months ago

Really good explaination...

3 months ago

VOTE - Democratic this NOV. 6.

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