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Emily Farnham Mastrianni


Greenfield Town Board


Committed to efficient and responsive governing that includes all Greenfield voices.

Emily Farnham Mastrianni is a fiscally responsible Democrat, raised in a family of public servants. Her mother Gail was an educator, and her father Bill was a minister. They valued hard work and community service and passed that along to their children. Acting upon her family’s work ethic, Emily funded a sizeable portion of her education at Cornell University through her daily paper route, which began at age 11 and continued throughout high school. Emily’s commitment to hard work and collaboration was further demonstrated while at Cornell as a member of the women’s rowing team, ultimately winning a Division I National Championship. Professionally, she was Director of Human Resources at The Sagamore Resort early in her career. Then, after taking time to raise her three daughters in Greenfield Center, Emily became President of Mann Wireless, a Greenfield family-owned engineering and telecommunications business with a national customer base.

As a resident of Greenfield for 24 years, Emily has remained committed to serving a wide variety of community-based organizations. She was a highly-involved Greenfield Elementary School volunteer, coordinating the vibrant arts-in-education program while her children were students there. She has been Board President of Saratoga County’s resident community theater, Home Made Theater, and is currently Board President of Saratoga Arts, the County’s regional arts council. With her background in budget oversight, human resources, and management, Emily is uniquely prepared and committed to giving back as a public servant to the Town of Greenfield.

Emily believes in smart planning for growth, along with holding the line on taxes. She believes voters should have a choice in whom they elect, including representatives from more than one political party. She believes in open and fair governance, and living in a place where residents look out for each other. Her personal and professional experiences, combined with her deep appreciation for the Greenfield community that she calls home, position Emily as a highly qualified and dedicated candidate for Town Board. A vote for Emily Farnham Mastrianni on November 7th is a vote for a community where quality of life, fair treatment for all, and fiscal responsibility remain in the forefront of local governance.