Greenfield (NY) Democratic Committee

Mission Statement:

We, the Democrats of Greenfield, are deeply committed to listening to and representing the wants and needs of all Greenfield citizens though education, communication, voter registration, and encouragement of personal participation in the political process. We will endeavor to foster a greater sense of community while maintaining the rural integrity of our town through direct involvement and outreach.

Vote on November 6th

On Election Day, November6, 2018 help us elect Elizabeth Fairbanks Fletcher, Town Justice for Greenfield, Aaron Gladd to the New York Senate and Tedra Cobb as our Congressional Representative for the 21st District.

Tedra at the Greenfield Community Center!

As Tedra said, we can win this.  Please do all you can to get Tedra and all of our candidates elected.  Go to to volunteer for her campaign. Every effort counts.

Tedra Cobb at the Greenfield Community Center
Tedra Cobb Encouraging her Supporters,
Tedra Taking Questions from her Supporters
Tedra with UUP Supporters from Empire State
Tedra holding a future Democrat. Who can resist a baby (especially one this cute).