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Meet Ed Snyder – Candidate for Charlton Town Board

Edmund (Ed) Snyder, Candidate for Town Board

Town Board candidate Edmund (Ed) Snyder, cross-endorsed with the Independence Party, has been a resident of Charlton for 36 years. He and his wife raised their son and daughter in Charlton.

Ed has practiced as an engineer for more than four decades, building large power plants around the world for General Electric Power systems and serving as Northeast District Manager, Vice President and Corporate Operations Officer for GTS Energy. He also holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree, and has received numerous US Patents. He currently is a consultant specializing in troubled projects.

In the past, he served as an elected assessor in Charlton, obtaining an Advanced credential from the state.

“As a Town Board member, I’ll bring knowledge of both engineering and business management to Charlton’s government. I’ll help the town to communicate the technical and factual basis for its decisions and to open its budgeting and other decisions to wider input from town residents.

“I want to make the Town government more open to the citizens and allow them to have a say or discussion. I’d like to have a citizen team to bounce ideas off of and have input. I want to cut waste and put more thought into decisions and plans, and to put some technical expertise into Charlton’s future.”